Redlingerstraße is home to cool cafes and individual shops. A street where I like to say, “the cool kids hang out!”  This past Spring season brought a piece of Bavaria to Osnabrück, Germany – BOCK, a women’s fashion boutique. 

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My past experience in American was in corporate fashion retail, so when I was asked to partner up with BOCK to help show the unique style of the shop and experience digitally, I was beyond excited! 


Even though I have experience with fashion businesses who have hundreds of stores across America and internationally, I have always found boutique shopping to be unique and special.  It’s nice to not always get caught up in the highly recognized name brand stores or chains.  Finding individual pieces that only you and a handful of others in the area will have makes the product even more desirable for me to own.


I have spent a lot of time at BOCK over the past few months observing and learning, while creating content and building a new website to serve the BOCK customers. One thing that is extremely consistent is the customer experience. I have to say, when shopping it is a bit like a party – and if you are lucky, you may have a few sips of sweet bubbly in between outfits, while your boyfriend, husband or brother enjoys a cold beer hanging out on the denim couch.  On the other side of “fun,” comes specific and true feedback about the clothing pieces that you are trying on.  I always have respect when a company truly cares about what they are selling and whom they are selling it to, rather than just trying to push the product on you. 

I also find it awesome that the customer base crosses over a large range of ages, from 20s and up! The product suits many different styles and personalities; it is all in how the outfitting is put together. 

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Berit, Meli and Rita have been so fun to work with, and I am happy that this is just the beginning of a lot of fun plans for BOCK in 2018. 

When designing and curating the website, I wanted to bring the woodsy feel of the shop and mesh it with a modern spin.  It has been so wonderful to work with clothing again, especially with women’s clothing (which is new for this girl who loves menswear fashion)! 


I absolutely love how the final launch turned out! Take a look at the BOCK story at for the Fall/Winder 17/18 trends and head into the shop to see what piece you can find to add to your wardrobe!


Connect with @bockfashion here on Instagram & Facebook.

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