The Osnabrück Holiday Gift Guide

Who doesn't like the look on a friend or family member's face when they open that perfect gift from you? We sure know the, "WHAT do I get them for Christmas?!" feeling. When it comes to shopping for your loved ones during the holiday season, have you checked out some of the local Osnabrück spots, of which you already know that everybody loves? We are here to provide new ideas to help check off some of the last minute shopping that you are needing to do!

As la vie tastyKitchen popup Chef Tobias Pietzsch says, there is “no such thing as don’t like it!” We've had the chance to eat at this awesome restaurant concept in Osnabrück, Germany and it should be at the top of everybody’s list! Spending time with Tobias, we learned more about the story behind this eating experience, as well as ate some of his out-of-the-oven Kale Chips along the way! What better way to satisfy any food lover, than with the gift of a dining experience that will keep you talking dish after dish. If you are anything like us, it will bring about even greater curiosity to come back to see what's next that the tastyKitchen team can dream up for their next culinary theme!

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At Pink Milk you always know that you'll find something useful and cute! We think it's safe to say that it's impossible to walk out of the store without buying something new. As you know, our favorite color is blue and these are some of our favorite pieces! 

Featured Brands: GreenGate, Bloomingville, Madam Stoltz, & Nordal.

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Are you a coffee aficionado? If you’re from Osnabrück, chances are you’ve had a cup or two of some Barösta coffee. Did you know that you can buy the freshly roasted coffee to enjoy at home as well? Who wouldn’t want to wake up on Christmas morning to the smell of the best coffee? Check out the online shop here or swing by Redlinger Straße to grab some!

Barösta also offers great specialized workshops, which teach you about the ins-and-outs of the coffee roasting process!

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We know that you've been checking out the huge glasses selection through the windows, at Optik Peter Meyer, during your weekend strolls. There is such a large, yet focused, assortment highlighting the key designer brands - so finding the pair of sunglasses (or everyday glasses), is located in the heart of Osnabrück on Krahnstraße. To be a bit more exact... there are 81 brands to choose from! Which designer brand you are wishing for?

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These sweet, little roses can be found at Klein Amsterdam, in the city center throughout the year and especially during the Christmas season. They make great table decorations or a thoughtful little gift. 

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Photography & Styling by egino THE MARKETING COMMUNITY.

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