DeMO7 Designmesse Osnabrueck

When it comes to the digital world of Instagram, #calledtobecreative and #makersgonnamake are two of my favorite hashtags to search through when looking for handmade goods! As you all know, I love the digital world - but seeing and meeting new creative entrepreneurs at the DeMO7 Designmesse in Osnabrück, Germany was even better! 

Being a small business owner in the creative industry is not an easy job, and I have so much respect for the time and heart that goes into building these businesses.  I always love seeing ideas come to life, of which may have started from just a little scribbled note on the back of a napkin.

There were so many unique local brands, with diverse styles, who attended the Designmesse and here are a few of my favorites:

I love the unique color and pattern combinations of the handmade ZOOE Bags! Of course, I choose grey and white, with a little touch of neutral!

You can learn more about ZOOE Bags here!

Leonie, from Leo La Douce, is SO talented! I could have bought the entire selection! I now have my blue watercolor map, which matches the Egino Office perfectly. 

You can learn more about Leo La Douce here!

Amongst so many awesome items from Knall Braun, these little printed magnets fit so many different personalities. Make sure to keep an eye-out for their Linol Druck Workshops.

You can learn more about Knall Braun here!

I am already looking forward to the next Designmesse, where I will be sure to pick up new handmade items for my office, home, and gifts!

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