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FEATURED: The Biz + Bubbly Blog: "Where to Start When Starting a Business?!"

This month I was so excited to become a contributor for the newly launched Biz + Bubbly Blog, which educates and celebrates women in business! Marking one year since beginning The Egino Community, writing this blog post could not have come at a better time.

The post talks about my perspective on “where to start when starting a business.” Each young business goes through an evolution to become stronger, better and more focused ... which ultimately leads to more profits.  I write about how it is okay to “fine-tune” your service offering to fit what is right for you, your interests and what works best in your market!  

For me, each day I learn something new and find new ways to work – especially when tackling a new language and culture. It takes a lot of hard work and this is why I love sharing my perspective with others. When I get a message or note from someone saying that my Instagram-takeover (where I shared more insight into my thoughts) or the blog I wrote, helped them think about their own business in a new way, that is so amazing to me!


If you would like to check out the full post, you can find it by clicking below!


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