Marketing Analysis and Consultation

Do you ever wonder about the direction of the competitive landscape, how effective the marketing of your business actually is and how to strengthen your brand? Through various analytical tools, Egino pinpoints the attributes of your business and helps to understand the quality and potential of your marketing. We advise how to improve upon your strengths and turn opportunities into new success.

Brand Evaluation: Whether you are curious about how your brand is perceived or want to understand why potential target customers are not responding to your products and services, we offer an objective and professional evaluation of your brand. At Egino we have developed a business score card that analyses and grades all of your business‘ marketing efforts based on qualitative and quantitative measurements. We identify your strengths and weaknesses for you and develop actions to bring your business to its potential. 

Competitive Patterning Analysis: Staying on trend and ensuring that you have a strong understanding of the competitive landscape is key to running a successful business. At Egino we offer an in-depth analysis of relevant product, service and marketing trends and tell you all there is to know about your aspirational brands and direct competitors. We help you understand the results of our research and advise on actions you should take.

Education and Workshops: At Egino we always keep up with trends and modern marketing concepts, and we want you to do the same. Therefore, we offer detailed concept meetings, presentations and workshops tailor-made to your business.

European Trend Scouting: Are you a European or overseas fashion company wanting to keep on track with European fashion trends? With our extensive combined experience in fashion merchandising and design, Egino is your resource to the evolving, maintaining and declining trends. We travel to Europe‘s fashion capitals and emerging cities to prepare in-depth visual trend reports specific to your request.

Creative Implementation of Modern Marketing Concepts

Are you searching for fresh and unique ways to communicate your brand message to your customers and showcase your products or services? Besides offering the full range of traditional marketing services, Egino is here to give you insight into modern and innovative approaches to maintain existing customers, attract new business and reach out to international markets.

Branding: Your marketing can only be successful if you have strong branding that tells your unique story and makes the business recognizable. Branding is not only the look of your business, but also the feeling and story behind your brand. At Egino we offer branding for new and existing businesses, starting with developing a clear branding strategy and creating the look and feeling of your brand that will be recognizable to your customer.   

Design: Design elements directly feed to your branding. Therefore, the design of your logo, advertising and communication materials have to be professional and on brand. We design for and with you, making sure that the design elements represent the core of your business.

Product Photography: One of the most impactful ways to communicate your brand story is to showcase your products and services through memorable images. We offer professional photography specializing in natural light to bring your message to life.

Websites and Social Media: As the world becomes increasingly digital, you have to be open-minded and enter the digital world if you want to stay competitive, engaging and fresh. Your customers prefer and use different social media outlets, so just having a business website and facebook account does not cut it! At Egino we are here to develop your website and traditional social media platforms, but moreover keep you on trend with global innovations around social media. We make sure that your branding stays recognizable on all platforms and help you understand the potential of social media and the strategies available to your business. 


Visual Merchandising: Product-driven retailers have to be strategic about the look of their their stores and what products to feature. Having a nicely decorated shop is not enough. Based on our experience we can help you determine what products to feature and how to present them in-store and online in order to get the most out of your real estate or e-commerce platform.