The Egino Battle of... Ice-Cream


We are major foodies and exploring what Osnabrück has to offer is quite the “tasty treat!” For the first ever “The Egino Battle of” and OF COURSE celebrating #nationalicecreamday, we spent the weekend eating our way through the ice-cream in Osnabrück! Who wouldn’t love this job and how do we choose our favorite?!

Have you ever walked down Krahnstraße and were pulled in the direction of the smell of freshly made ice-cream cones? Yup, us too! Where is this smell leading us…? Shout-out to the cones at Leysieffer. Not only do they taste great with that slight hint of vanilla and sturdy enough to keep your ice-cream from dripping all over Osnabrück, but they are beautiful – with their logo stamped design.

It is safe to say that we all get an "insta-craving" when we see someone post their piles of ice-cream on Instagram, whether it is Schlecks, WonderWaffle, or the newer guy to the scene, Dounty Donuts - La Luna.  Seeing the mountains of candy and whipped cream, for sure makes us run for the door to satisfy this craving!

After much debate, we went the Italian gelato route and "The Egino Battle of... Ice-Cream" victory goes to Fontanella: That perfectly soft, full of flavor, handmade ice-cream is hard to beat. We kept it simple with a stack of our favorites! We’ve had our fair share of Stracciatella in Italy, and have to say Fontanella in Osna has the best! Also, when you can get your hands on it, the Brownie is any chocolate lovers dream.

#nationalicecreamday Osnabrück

It seems that ice-cream is a way of life in Osnabrück! When out and about - we’ve seen students in the early morning eating ice-cream for “breakfast,” city walkers having their ice-cream fix in the snow, and in summer you can’t pass 10 people in the city without seeing a cone in hand!

Now, who wants to go get some ice-cream? For us, maybe we will take a break… until tomorrow!