Knall Braun - A Print Workshop

I don't know about you, but for me I just love creative workshops and learning something new! When I saw that the super talented Mo, from Knall Braun, was heading to Osnabrück for a workshop, I knew that I needed to take part in this day. I totally admire her unique and detailed style.

We began the workshop learning about the process and reviewed examples from a very simple design, to very detailed designs made up by multiple layers. I thought to myself, how am I going to carve something like that! I instantly knew what I wanting to print: The Egino script logo. I have been wanting a branded piece of art for my new office, so why not create something myself!


I am glad that the workshop was 5 hours, because even a simple design (like mine) needed quite a bit of time to carve and create! I even had to stretch my neck a few times. When it came time to print, after applying the special ink to our creations, we got to crank the wheel to apply pressure to print our paper.  This was my favorite part of the day! Each time comes out looking unique and different from the last! 

I really enjoyed seeing the designs from the other workshop attendees.

Some of them looked so professional - a room full of artists!

It was a great day and would love to attend another Knall Braun Workshop! Thanks to Katrin, from Made in Osnabrück, for being a wonderful hostess in her awesome studio space.

Check out more about Knall Braun on Instagram!