Eyewear Trends: Fall 2016

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As the S/S 2017 fashions just hit the runways in September, amongst the top fashion capitals of the world (New York, London, Milan, and Paris), eyewear is still a staple must-have accessory projecting forward! The street styles from it-girls, celebrities, models and bloggers, suggests that this Fall is just as much about being on trend with the latest eyewear, as we've seen in Summer. Remember, the sun also shines bright in Fall!


Here, on the Egino Trend Watch, you will find our favorite eyewear trends and brands as we head into Fall, and the best spot to find them in Osnabrück!


A fresh update to the classic Aviator shape. 


A must-have statement piece.


A clean and simple trend, with a fresh appearance.


A reflective stand-out lense.


A key chic shape.


Personally, I have always been one to worry about choosing the right shape of sunglasses for my face - thinking to myself, "can I really pull that off?!" I am sure I am not the only person who has had similar thoughts! What's great about the team at OPTIK Peter Meyer, is that they are specialized in understanding what shapes fit certain face structures best. There is such a large, yet focused, assortment highlighting the key designer brands - so finding the pair of sunglasses (or everyday glasses), is located in the heart of Osnabrück on Krahnstraße.

To be a bit more exact... there are 81 brands to choose from!


Here are some of our favorite brands offered by OPTIK Peter Meyer!


The shop has the latest technology to give a precise evaluation for not only the best eyesight, but also for the perfect style and fit. Speaking of awesome technology, on the OPTIK Peter Meyer website, you can digitally "try-on" glasses online!  


Connect with @optikpetermeyer on Instagram to checkout the latest offering and trends in the shop! #optikpetermeyer #deinebrilleistwiedu


Do you want to find out more about OPTIK Peter Meyer? Give the OPM logo a click and you will be directed to the website!


All product photography by egino THE MARKETING COMMUNITY - for Optik Peter Meyer.